Melbourne Dreaming, by Meyer Eidelson

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I have had a wonderful day today, thanks to this exciting new edition of Melbourne Dreaming, A Guide to Important Places of the Past and Present. It is, as the name implies, a guide to the indigenous heritage of our city.  First published in 1997 but now updated, the guide…

eat the wagon wheel

This sacred totem is shown horizontally : an anti-totem. We speak of the value of size; weight, mass and logistics. This kind of abundance (the totem of the bison, of the giant redwood Sequoya) no longer exists. We stand on the shoulders of the almighty giants of the pre-modern age. We hope human kind can…

peregrine falcon valley lake

Five totem poles at the Valley Lake estate, in a linear park connecting Basalt Ave and Olivine Road, Keilor East.   This work was commissioned by Places Victoria, with Maureen Benier of Scape Environments doing the master planning. Thanks to Melissa Vucovik at Tract Landscape Architects for making it happen and all the boys at…

Small bronze sculpture

After “going bush” for an extensive spiritual period representing animal totems carved in wood, Dean Smith Dancing Bear returns to the city, returns to bronze, returns to figurative study, and rather than dwelling on the melancholy realities of the human world, he presents a series of romantic portraits with a narrative of joyful antics, flamboyant…

Performance Art

The Space Simulator – Marquette ; Performance at the Seaman’s Mission – Dean Smith, Couch, Suspended


This lion was carved from a single mighty piece of Cypress, almost 1.8m diameter

Animal Totems

Dean has carved almost 300 animal sculptures. Here are just a few…

School Demonstrations

Dean can be booked for an exciting and informative day of art. The demonstration shown here was at Bacchus Marsh Primary. Day included singing with the kids, chain saw sculpture and five bird posts.