Bronze Soldiers


                                Lennie Green Vietnam Veteran

Paying homage to our local boys that fought for their lives in the Vietnam War.

Our Australian troops were drafted in the 60s and 70s.

Official unveiling date     11.00 am      18th August  2019.        Beaufort Memorial Gardens.

To celebrate ‘Long Tan’ 50th anniversary.The Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) took place in a rubber plantation near Long Tân, in Phước Tuy ProvinceSouth Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. The action was fought between Viet Cong (VC) and People’s Army of Vietnam units and elements of the 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF) shortly after its lodgement in Phước Tuy. 1 ATF began arriving between April and June 1966, constructing a base at Nui Datwhich was located astride a major communist transit and resupply route and was close to a VC base area. After two months it had moved beyond the initial requirements of establishing itself and securing its immediate approaches, beginning operations to open the province. Meanwhile, in response to the threat posed by 1 ATF, a force of between 1,500 and 2,500 men from the VC 275th Regiment, possibly reinforced by at least one PAVN battalion and the D445 Provincial Mobile Battalion, was ordered to move against Nui Dat

Artist words below.

Why do war sculpture? As an artist I really want the message to be clear.

No more War please. I have chosen to  express the subject as an old man walking a line that he will never forget.

Heres a true story back in Nam. from the model Lennie Green.

“We were trackin our platoon through the dence landscape, then  we were stopped. A mob of local fellas wrestling a giant anaconda snake in the jungle.”

In the studio I think of  Woodstock…..Joe Cocker……Jimi Hendrix……soldiers and hippies fighting for a cause..such a creative time and when people all collectively believed in many different opinions of freedom.

What have we all become since the 1960s? A time to be remembered and not forgotten?

A brutal and revolutionary time of war and protest.


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