Melbourne Dreaming, by Meyer Eidelson


This Dancing Bear sculpture has been published in a guide book to Aboriginal cultural sites around the city of Melbourne.

See more about the sculpture here

Melbourne Dreaming_page 120.jpg

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Melbourne DreamingI have had a wonderful day today, thanks to this exciting new edition of Melbourne Dreaming, A Guide to Important Places of the Past and Present.

It is, as the name implies, a guide to the indigenous heritage of our city.  First published in 1997 but now updated, the guide lists 36 places of interest, grouped by location so that exploring can be done in manageable chunks.

In the city, you can discover the Freedom Fighters execution site on the corner of Bowen and Franklin Streets where Maulboyheenner and Tunnerminnerwait became the first men executed in Victoria.  They were not allowed to give evidence in their defence because they were deemed unable to take the Christian oath and although the jury recommended leniency on the grounds of general good character and the peculiar circumstances in which they are placed’ the government was determined to make an example of them and they…

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