Gang of Cockatoos


We like to refer to a totem when we create animal sculptures, to start exploring the subject at a theoretical level.

The strongly social nature of Cockatoo emphasizes a sense of a community, and the skills needed to maintain these relationships like communication and compromise.  Cockatoo’s showy crest and its use in communication exudes self-confidence and esteem.  The more reserved colouration of Cockatoo can teach us when to best show our colours, and when to approach situations with more tact.

White Cockatoo is thought to help bring the light back into the life of someone who is experiencing personal darkness.  The rose and grey coloured Galah Cockatoo teaches us to be spontaneity and fearless in our endeavours.

COCKY sculpture_small

This is what is left of a 1800 year old Red Gum that was felled behind the “Great Wall of Dunkeld”


Other proposals for this sculpture:

emu head sculpture_small

BULLOCKY sculpture_small

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